Religions have been much talked about, much thought about, much fought about, much studied about, much investigated about, much killed-in-the-name-of about, much almost everything about. My attempt here is to add some to the same.  I hope you’ll find much enlightenment, much provocation, much relaxation.

What I am going to do is this – study the tenets of mainly the lesser known religions – the main teachings and would try and steer clear of the paths they might have taken due to deliberate and indeliberate changes and distortions in the years ensuing their origin, in most cases, or unless important to the point I’m making.

In other words, this blog is about going back to the original. Taking a walk away from all the ‘schools’ that sprout up.

The funny thing is after I’d done work on the first religion in this blog, while thinking to myself about something related, I tried to define ‘religion’ and poof, it was tough! I like what Goethe said, though of religion, “pure nature and pure reason, of divine origin”!



2 thoughts on “About

  1. while reading about the Dreaming and the vastness of australia the only thought coming to my mind was
    jahan manzil hai meri….
    kabhi toh woh duniya dekhunga…
    mujhe kaise hai jeena dekhunga…

    kabhi dekhunga jaake…
    choodake mein peecha kaamon se…
    kabhi niklunga subho shamon se..

    i liked reading it….its really interesting 🙂

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